About Us...

Our Establishment

Corner to Corner Cleaning Service has serviced the Anne Arundel, Maryland and surrounding communities for over two decades and is privately owned by Brenda Cressman. Over the years we have incorporated a team method of cleaning ensuring the highest quality of service for our customers. Our flexible scheduling options provide our customers with dependable and accommodating service to meet their personal needs.

Our Staff

Corner to Corner Cleaning Service Staff is bonded, insured and fully trained. We do not high contractors so each staff member is governed through our company. We provide a training method for our staff which fosters safe and efficient working techniques to serve our customers appropriately to their cleaning needs. We also have a Service Supervisor as part of our cleaning team who will ensure your satisfaction.

All Homes are not the Same

We recognize that each customer has specific concerns about their home cleaning service. With Corner to Corner, we will be happy to provide you with a free phone estimate and a specific in home estimate. During your estimate your service will be discussed and your concerns and priorities will be notated on the specific service order written personally for your home. Our service representative will detail the list of supplies for your approval and we will be happy to assist you to provide solutions for any area of your home that will require special attention.

Our Equipment and Supplies

We believe that our customers who choose to hire a professional service should not be burdened with the research and cost of these products. With over two decades of experience, Corner to Corner provides all equipment and supplies to service your home. We will make our professional recommendation as to the appropriate supplies to use and as our customer, you have the right to approve or request a substitution for any product. "Green" cleaning products are also available.

The Knowledge to Clean

Corner to Corner Cleaning continuously works with contractors and flooring companies to become familiar with the care and keeping of your surfaces including various types of wood, tile and stone surfaces. Rest assure that your remodeled areas will be cared for in the most professional way.

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